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To me the ocean is a home I’ve never had. When I paint the ocean I’m fascinated by both its beauty and violence. In a creates everything, and in just a moment it can take it all back.
— Alissa Morabito


Alissa is a New York based American painter, and published children's book illustrator. Originally from Southern California, her work has been significantly influenced by the time she has spent near the Pacific Coast. She paints to bridge the gap between the real world and the perceived world, to capture that fleeting bit of magic that remains locked away in our memories. Every painting starts from a memory but is brought to life by the feeling that the memory evokes. This has led her to be experimental with her work, exploring such topics as neglect, impermanence and emotional disintegration. This process has been both fascinating and heartbreaking, ultimately creating a strong drive to visually express what couldn’t be found in words.