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What Medium do you paint in?

For the majority of my oceans and landscapes I use acrylic paint. Brush Paints are made with ink, acrylic paint and occasionally chalk.

do you use references?

For the most part I use a variety of references for just one painting. I will borrow tonal palettes from story books and brush technique from old masters. I love to mix and match styles and ideas, so I'm constantly reinventing my work and myself. That being said, I often don't find it conducive to my creativity to stick to a static reference. Just personal preference.

Why Oceans?

I love the feeling of waves and the soft rolling water. When I paint the ocean I’m fascinated by its beauty and violence. How in a way it creates everything, and in just a moment it can take it all back..

Do You take Custom Requests?

Yes! I do! I have created tons of custom paintings for individuals, businesses and brands. These have been in the form of paintings, logos and illustrations. I am happy to create a unique piece but I don’t work on mature subject matter, nudes or anything I feel is disturbing or grotesque.

How Long do you take on a Commission?

It varies from piece to piece but my typical turn around time is anywhere from two weeks to four months depending on the size, scope of work and medium that it is created in.